Ruth’s Story


When I realized that some of my friends wouldn’t be able to go to Andrews Academy next year, I was very sad. Not just sad, I was depressed actually.  Most of these friends had been with me since Second grade, and I couldn’t imagine going to academy without them. As soon as my friend Caitlin and I found this out, we started to scheme, writing down a huge list of different ways we could earn money during the summer. Then, we had an even better idea; why not create an organization that raised money to send our friends to AA? After thinking and planning a lot more, and creating a name, we started to tell people about our ideas.

First, of course we told our parents. Then I told a friend of mine, who was a graphic designer. She started to lead us through the process of creating a logo, statement, and a ton of other important stuff. At first we worried about getting people to help us – adults more specifically, because we would need all the support that we could get. But as we went along, praying all the time, God sent more and more people to us!

Adults were intrigued by our idea, and they really wanted to help! This really encouraged me, because it showed that God was with us as we worked towards our goal. After all that we made a website – this website – and now the fun begins!

I really want to help kids go to Andrews Academy, because, okay, I think that it’s a really great school, but most importantly because it’s a Christian school, and helps us kids know more about God and his great love for us. =)


4 thoughts on “Ruth’s Story

  1. We’re so proud to know young people not afraid to be used by God to do great things. We will pray that God blesses your efforts and that you may surpass your goal beyond expectations. Blessings to you Ruth and Caitlin.

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