About Us

puzzle-03Send A Friend 2 AA is a nonprofit activity dedicated to raising money for a fund that helps kids go to Andrews Academy–kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. SAF also tries to tie in the community by making it a part of the process.


A student, longing to go to Andrews Academy, but cannot, for lack of funds.

A bored kid, looking for something to do during the long, hot, summer months.

A busy mother, who works all day and comes home tired. She needs help with her kids.

These people need to connect, but how?

This is how: through us!

Our mission is to find the place where the needs of students, other kids, and the community meet!

Our goal is to be able to send at least one student to Andrews Academy this year, by working together through the summer to raise at least $8,150. This covers the tuition cost for one student for one year.

How do we plan to achieve that? Through the grace of God, and the willingness of the community to help. Please keep us in your prayers, and contact us if you would like to lend a hand and make a difference!


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